It was in the year of 1967 , a youth with scholarly erudition was in search of A Guru who can show him the Goddess Mahakali in naked eyes!.He was a man from a family of amazing wealth and power hailed from a village in Nagapattinam district of Tamilnadu.

               His Desire got fulfilled when he met Annan Swamigal at Pudur.He was Swami Vedachalam ,a graduate in English who was serving in a polytechnic as a lecturer.Initially he used to visit Annan on every week-ends.Afterwards,his longing to stay with Annan swamigal  had grown,thus,left his lecturer profession too for the sake of Divine realization and stayed with Annan Swamigal.

              He was one of the earliest & senior most disciples of Annan Swamigal among those stayed with Annan. Swami Vedachalam's renunciation is deserving admiration since he was from a family of great wealth & power(zamindhaar family)..While narrating his days with Annan, He was profoundly intutive and elaborated  his days of stay with Annan Swamigal.

               He says,' Annan is an Adhikara Purusha whose command can never be refused by any Being in the Universe'.Swami Vedachalam Got various experiences at the feet of Annan and enlargement of his soul Into an Universal Being was demanded by him from Annan.

               SWAMI VEDACHALAM left PUDUR in later stage of his life and wandered around India and stayed at various holy places, which was quite a mystery.He was close to Andalpuram Swamigal (Annan's Guru)also. He stayed with Swamigal for 96 days for a high degree of Supramental Experiences.

               Swami Vedachalam was humorous in His expressions and thorough in His understandings.

              For the Last few years He Was Living in a small house at VELANKANNI OF NAGAPATTINAM DIST.The people of that locality had shown great respect and adoration for the utter simplicity and in-depth knowledge of Swamiji.On 25-10-2014 evening, he was feeling some uneasiness.But in few minutes, His stula dhegam became insentient and Swamiji attained samadhi with the grace of Annan and Andalpuram Swamigal.

              Last rights for a Jeevan Muktha was carried out on 26-10-2014 at 0100pm and His Stula Degam was put in the lucky soil of POOVATHADI( on the way to Vedharanyam from Velankanni).

         A prayer hall has been constructed over the Samadhi Peetam, and Swami Vedachalam as usual will speak to us humorously,since Siddhas never die and They live eternally in the cosmos and give Guidance and Darshan to a demanding devotee!

           May Swami Vedachalam rest in the lotus feet of Annan and Samayapuram Maariamman who were His Ishta Devathas!