We had a satsanga with Komal Sri Swaminathan on Annan’s birthday  2015. Sri Swaminathan narrated us His various experiences of the miracles performed by Andalpuram Swamigal and Annan Swamigal.Here we give few of them as narrated by Sri Swaminathan…

1)       "Once I was accompanying Swami (Andalpuram Swamigal) to Mannargudi. On the way It was raining heavily. I was wittily telling Swami, You are  having some clothes to change over, but I will be completely wet if the rain continues  and I don’t have any clothes to change !’. Then Swami starred at me and then a most striking thing happened !"

Though it was raining all around that place, just above us (myself and Swami) there was absolutely no rain as if someone was holding some umbrella. Such a protection from  heavy shower happened till we reached Thattankoil (where Swami wanted to rest for a brief period), our destination!”

2)           “When Swami was going from Thirupoondi Thidal to Velankanni, Sri Baskar( a devotee of Swami and Annan ) who accompanied Swami has seen a rare event.  While Swami was walking on the road, a bus was also coming in front of Swami. While Baskar was just thinking to protect Swami from the collision, the bus has already passed through Swami and Swami’s body  was just penetrating through bus and walked after safely  as if nothing happened!

3)        “Once Swami came to Pudur to meet Annan. But due to some problems in the rice mill premises, Swami did not come to Annan’s room and went to Pidari Amman Temple. Here Annan knowing that Swami reached the Temple, said me ,‘See..how I am calling Swami here!’. Then Annan went to the corner of His room and addressed,‘Saami..!Naan endha thappum seiyyala, Neenga ingu varalaam!’.(I didnot do anything wrong!..You please come here!) Then after a short while, Swami came to Annan’s room calling His name!”

4)          Once, Palvannan (A Devotee of Annan) came to me puzzled and said, Annan’ body is lying in pieces in His room!”.I signed him to be cool!..Because Annan had already told me that He was practising Navakanda yogam(dissecting one’s  own  body into nine portions! and restoring back the full body at will- a feat which can only be done by Supreme Siddhas!. This dissection is done with the help of astral and causal components of physical body. Hence the usual result of blood bath and death of body is not applicable in this case! Otherwise the restoration of  one's body as done after this feat would have been impossible!).”

Annan never encouraged  happy –go- lucky miracles. He said that Atma Gnanam  will become remote possibility if one concentrates on miracles!”






Nava kanda yogam...

        கோமல் திரு சுவாமிநாதன் அவர்களை நாங்கள் அண்ணனின் பிறந்த நாள் அன்று கோமலில் சந்தித்து உரையாடினோம். அப்போது அவர்கள் ஆண்டாள்புரம் சுவாமிகளும் ,அண்ணனும் செய்த சில அற்புதங்களை பற்றி எங்களிடம் உரையாடினார்கள். அவற்றை இங்கு தந்துள்ளோம்.