(d3) Annan saves Devotees from clutches of Death

Annan saves devotees from suicide-

Dr. Nandakumar

    During a discussion with Dr.Nandhakumar,he narrated a miracle of Annan. “one night I was with Annan in His room  with other devotees. Suddenly at around 12 ‘o’ clock ,Annan told us that there is some problem for one  His devotees  and He  will  have  to attend to that.Then He told us to vacate the room immediately. After half an hour, Annan came out  from His room with full of sweat in His body ,then said cooly, saved him!

             The doctor continued , we could not comprehend what Annan did, but very next day morning, we saw that Solai (Annan devotee) was coming to meet Annan and said us that his  brother was attending to commit suicide previous night  due to some  problem and one of the family members  got up in the mid- night and noticed the pathetic scene,ran to him and  saved him from committing suicide!”

            Sivakumar, one of the blessed soul narrates how his father too  was saved from suicide attempt.one day when I and my mother were sitting in front of Annan, suddenly Annan  told us,‘Sir is going in wrong route’.(.Annan referred about my father).Then Annan gave us agarbatti and told us to pray to Ambaal (Divine mother).After sometime Annan told, ‘kappathiachu’(saved).Next day when we returned to home we came to know that my father was trying to commit suicide on the railway track but Annan  saved him by mysteriously sending my father’s friend to that spot,thus saving my father.Then only my mother would recollect the statement of Annan uttered by Him the previous day!  Moreover,Annan told our family on that day ‘ naan  vaangigitten’(I took it).Next time,When I met Annan I saw blisters on Annan’s body!"

    Dr. Nandhakumar narrates further,‟Annan used to bear and enjoy the karma of others. If someone is coming with unbearable and horrible problems, then Annan will say him,‘touch me’. Rarely Annan would permit the visiting devotee to touch him”.


  அண்ணன் பக்தரின் உயிர்களை காப்பாற்றுதல்-    டாக்டர் திரு.நந்தகுமார் 

    குருபூஜை 2014 அன்று இரவு,அண்ணனின் சீடர் டாக்டர் திரு.நந்தகுமார் அவர்களை சந்தித்து நாம் உரையாடியபோது,அண்ணன் எவ்வளவு கருணை உள்ளத்தோடு தன் பக்தர்கள் மற்றும் அவர்களது குடும்பத்தினரை பேராபத்திலிருந்து காத்தார்கள் என டாக்டரும்,அண்ணனின் பக்தரான தனது தந்தையை(RPF தங்கவேலு) எவ்வாறு அண்ணன் காத்தார்கள் என திரு.சிவக்குமாரும் விளக்கியதை இந்த ஒலிப்பதிவில் நாம் கேட்கலாம்...


Annan saves Devotees from clutches...