Annan transformed the life of a poor lady

        ‘Please take us also to Annan’, requested a clerk of Tiruvarur big temple who was living in poverty. He had three daughters. Running the family was an uphill task for this man whose wife also worked in a school  for some minimal salary.I (VILAMAL AYYA) tried to take them to Annan ,but it took one year for the  clerk to avail the chance of visiting Annan,”says Vilamal Ayya while narrating the compassion of Annan.

     Vilamal Ayya continues,‘Annan as usual greeted the entire family with sweet vanga (please come).Wife of the clerk, Mangayarkarasi ,opened up all her financial hurdles in running the family.Annan listened to her patiently and said,‘ padingalen!’(why don’t you study further!). She got shocked by listening this.Then she said how much it was impossible for her to do higher studies!.Then she asked me (VILAMAL AYYA) “,How Annan says like this?”.Then I(vilamal ayya) told her,  'When Annan says something …it has got greater implication..So don’t hesitate …start doing your higher studies..(SSLC)'.

        "Then she went and started her studies.One fine day she came to Annan with hall ticket for the exam. She was virtually weeping and said to Annan that she did not prepare at all for the exam! 'Neenga poonga..naan Ambala uttu parichai elutha solren!..Naan pathukiren!',said Annan.(you go for exam.I will tell Divine Mother to write exam for you!) .she passed the SSLC exam!..she again did B.Lit.,on Annan’s guidance ..same story continued….lady came back cheerfully with garland to thank Annan after passing B.Lit., exam. Annan said to the lady,”Ambal solra…neenga jeepla povanumunu…(Divine Mother is saying, you have to Travel in jeep).After few days she became A.E.O(Assistant Educational Officer)  under panchayat union.... and  became the controlling authority for 33 schools!..What a wonderful mother Annan is!what a life changing MIRACLE Annan performed for this poor lady! she asked own house… Annan said,panchayatu! Yov! nee poi veedu katti koduya( you go and make aarangement to construct a house for her)Then I (vilamal ayya)arranged for engineer and constructed one house in Thendral Nagar,Tiruvarur!"

        Let us hear this wonderful miracle from the words of Vilamal Ayya in the following audio recording…

Annan Transforms the Life

   ஒரு பெண்ணின் வாழ்க்கை எவ்வாறு மாறியது?

    திருவாரூரில் வசித்த மங்கையர்கரசி என்ற ஒருவர் தன் குடும்பத்துடன் அண்ணனை சென்று பார்க்க எவ்வாறு அவரது வாழ்க்கை உயர்ந்தது என விளக்குகிறார் விளமல்  திரு.சிவப்பிரகாசம் ஐயா...