(d4) Annan shows me Arthanaareeswarar Aspect

          While we were talking to Dr. Sri Nandakumar about his days with Annan, he narrated an interesting incident that happened to him on Annan's birthday (on Bogi) in Pudur .When the devotees were sitting near to Annan, Annan told him to go out and  just see the visitors outside the room. Dr.Nandakumar went out and saw the visitors outside the room.

           TO HIS SURPRISE ALL THE VISITORS WERE LOOKING HALF MALE AND HALF FEMALE!. When he came back and told Annan  about  this  scene, Annan signed him to be cool!

        Similarly on another occasion,Dr.Nandakumar wanted to take photograph of Annan. So he was ready with a camera and while looking through view finder, one lady was sitting at the Annan's seat in place of Annan!. Dr.was awe-struck and asked his fellow disciple Sri Swaminathan to look through the view finder of the camera..Sri Swaminathan also had that vision and smiled at Dr. and gave back the camera to him. But while removing the camera and looking at Annan with naked eyes, Annan was as usual sitting in His seat majestically!



    டாக்டர் திரு நந்தகுமார் அவர்கள் ஒரு போகிப்பண்டிகை (அண்ணனின் பிறந்த நாள்) அன்று புதூரில் அண்ணனின் அருகில் அமர்ந்திருந்த போது தனக்கு ஏற்பட்ட அனுபவங்களை இங்கு பகிர்ந்துகொள்கிறார்கள்.