Kadal-Thidal Pooja From Vilamal Shrine.



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                                 For more than 30 years..Sri Sivaprakasam of Vilamal Shrine along with other devotees of Annan Swamigal and Andalpuram Swamigal  celebrate KADAL-THIDAL POOJA  every year on Aadi and Thai Ammavasai. This year  too ,on 14-08-2015 on Aadi ammavasai day ,the same function will be celebrated by the devotees.

                           The devotees start from Vilamal shrine at around 0630am and reach Kameshwaram sea shore.There, they worship Guru of Andalpuram Swamigal who attained Jala Samadhi in that place.The devotees take a holy dip in the sea and then worship Guru of Andalpuram Swamigal By constructing a “5 feet decorated conical tower” with the shore soil. 
After that, the devotees go to Chintamani Thidal where Andalpuram Swamigal lived for most of His life period in His self- willed physical plane.There, devotees perform yaagam by chanting the Attributes of Andalpuram Swamigal and Annan Swamigal. Devotees  make sugar pongal and other prasadams . Grand pooja is performed to Andalpuram Swamigal with these offerings with bakthi and surrender.

                                 Those prasadams will be served as lunch for all the devotees. Deotees prostrate the THIDAL and walk around that as ordered by Andalpuram Swamigal and apply the holy soil in their forehead and leave that place.Thus all return to Vilamal Shrine as a spiritually charged prosperous Beings with the grace of Andalpuram Swamigal.
                                  The complete program will be from 0630 AM-0500 PM on 14-08-2015. Devotees who wish to come along  by Van are requested to book in advance on or before 12-08-2015 at the Vilamal Shrine.
                           For Booking and  further datail ,contact......9486319014 / 9344887114