3. Sri Annan Swamigal-Hindi version


            An ardent devotee of Annan Swamigal, Srimathi Rama Srinivas has been doing her service  for Annan  from Rajasthan. When sought by Vilamal Ayya (one of the principal disciples of Annan Swamigal), She along with her brother (PROF.VENKATESH, N.DELHI) took strenuous efforts in making the marble figure of Annan Swamigal In Rajasthan for The Vilamal Shrine in Tamil nadu. Vilamal Ayya  always proudly speaks about her surrender and  dedication towards Annan.Being in Rajasthan, she always immerses in the thought Of Annan  Swamigal and does the service as possible to the society in the name of Annan Swamigal.

            Many devotees in Rajasthan are truly blessed by Annan and they work together in propagating the wisdom and grace of Annan and the credit of Descending Annan's Grace really goes to Vilamal Ayya for his untiring service .

        Srimathi Rama Srinivas and Sri R R Sharma(An inspired HINDI poet and scholar contributing his works about all aspects of society)along with other devotees of Rajasthan have contributed an article about Annan Swamigal in HINDI for this Web, So that The rest of INDIA will also know better about Annan Swamigal and enjoy HIS GRACE. Here we humbly submit the article for the readers...        

Sittar Insight,
Feb 19, 2015, 3:26 AM