One of the most devoted followers of Annan, Sri Arunachalan (Note: Sri. Arunachalan passed away on 24.09.2017. We humbly recollect here that we met him on sep 2014 for an article while developing this website. He expressed his heartiest greetings for the making of this website) blessed us with an interview about his days with Annan .These are most intuitive for an aspirant of Annan. The ways  of Siddha, their compassion can well be understood by a seeker of truth through these interviews. Let us hear this from the words of Sri Arunachalan..

1)       At times Annan used to attend the problems of a visitor in His unique way. Once a visitor came to Annan and prostrated Him. Annan told him to worship Athimarathu aachi and come back.When the visitor returned to room, Annan played a cinema song in the tape recorder,‘En kanmani thavikkindral,aval kavalayai theeraayoo!’ (My beloved is stranded with problems..will you not rescue her!), thus directly conveying the problems of the visitor to  himself. After that line, Annan would switch off the tape recorder! The visitor is now convinced of the wisdom of Annan and gets immediate solace. Later Annan used to listen and solve his problems!”

        Once,I wanted to meditate on Annan. By sitting in the rice mill premises,I plunged deep into the thoughts of Annan. The full moon night elevated my mood to meditate on Annan. Soon, I listened a song line floating from Annan’s room…‘azhaikkaadhe…ninaikkaadhe avaithanile ennai ye raja!’(don’t call me...dont think about me  now!) conveying me that He is now busy in His assignments of some astral and causal planes. So not to disturb Him now.”

2)     We used to meet Annan on every Friday in Pudur.Once,I was in Pudur on  my regular  Friday visit. It was utter darkness  in the Annans room, rice mill premises due to power cut. Annan was in intense tapas for months shutting the doors of His room. Visitors who come to meet Annan prostrated the room and went back..”

        I went to the nearby pond , took bath and was coming back towards Annans room. That time I got stumbled by a water bucket and fell down.I was so much worried that Annan’s tapas would have been disturbed by this tumbling sound.With a sort of unrest, I worshipped Athimarathu Aachi and went out of the premises through the other way in the rice mill. While I was sitting in the other corner of rice mill, Palvannan (a staunch devotee of Annan) came to me and said,Annan is calling you!. I was astounded by this. Because Annan did not see me/ and not knowing too who fell down. No other devotees know the incident, then how Annan came to know, I only fell down few minutes back!”

        “When I entered Annan’s room, He lovingly asked me,“Any injury?”.I said no. Then Annan continued,had your supper?.I said no. He at once told me to bring forth the tiffin carrier that was in the corner of the room and told me to take the supper.That time, Palvannan signed me to request Annan to take some food. I reverently told Annan to take food. But He said,“I am not feeling hungry!. I don’t have the food!”and continued,sir I am on an important duty these days, many people come here to have darshan, but by seeing the shut room, they feel disappointed and go back..Will they scold me?”.I said! No one will think like this. They know You are on a tapas.”

       " This  whole incident showed me the deeply pervading power and love of Annan. Many aspects of a Yogi can be understood by this. Though A Yogi is in  tapas, His universal consciousness knows what is going on in the world. None of the events can escape His passive attention. But, despite me interrupting the Tapas, Annan showed love and compassion. More than that, He attended the need of the hour and ensured I did not get injury and I did take supper."

       “Annan never wanted to expose himself. At the same time He used to tell ,I know that you all will come here. I KNOW WHEN YOU WILL  COME AND I KNOW WHEN TO TAKE YOU TO ME.”

       Annan  used to evaluate the surrendering devotees by a test. He used to tell us  that there is a pudayal (hidden treasure mostly underneath the floor or earth layer) in some part of the house and If we dig out and take that, all our financial problems would get solved!.Annan repeatedly tells the devotee about this pudayal and test his endurance in the spiritual path. A true devotee knowing fully that Annan Himself is a pudayal, never aspired for that and rejected the proposal of Annan in taking out that mysterious pudayal .”

3)  “Though born in a rich family, Annan is very simple and detached. He used to sleep in the bare floor and cover Him by the dhoti.Once ,a visitor is giving some offerings. The visitor gave silk dhoti,towel and kept one envelope comprising money. Annan told the visitor to take the money back. Annan is an embodiment of simplicity and detachment. Annan as well as Andalpuram Swamigal emphasized on serving food to all. They never tolerated a hunger stricken devotee.Annan used to say us to perform Pooja in time and serve food to all in time especially  to children.”

“Annan indeed is an unfathomable Siddha In His Love and Power!”

      ஈரோடு திரு.அருணாச்சலன் ஐயா அவர்கள் அண்ணனுடன் உணர்வில் ஒன்றி வாழ்ந்த ஓர் அற்புதமான பக்தர். அருணாலய வரலாறு என்ற ஓர் உண்ணதமான புத்தகத்தை அண்ணனின் அருளால் இவர்கள் உலகிற்கு வழங்கியுள்ளார்கள் (குறிப்பு: திரு.அருணாசலன் ஐயா அவர்கள் 24.09.2017 அன்று இறைவன் திருவடி அடைந்தார்கள்) இவர்களிடம் நாங்கள் அண்ணன் காலத்தின் அனுபவத்தை கேட்டபோது பல சுவையான விஷயங்களை எங்களிடம் பகிர்ந்து கொண்டார்கள். அந்த ஒலிப்பதிவுகள் இதோ...

  •   அண்ணன் தன்னை நாடிவரும் பக்தர்களின் பிரச்சினைகளை எவ்வாறு சினிமா பாடல் வரிகளின் மூலம் அறிந்துகொள்ளும்படி செய்தார்கள் என்ற சுவையான தகவலை முதல் ஒலிப்பதிவில் விவரிக்கின்றார்கள்.
  •       அண்ணன் ஆழ்ந்த தவத்தில் இருந்த காலத்தில் தாம் அண்ணனை பார்க்க சென்றபோது நடந்த ஓர் சம்பவத்தை இரண்டாவது ஒலிப்பதிவில் விவரிக்கின்றார்கள். 
  •   அண்ணன் எவ்வாறு எளிமையாகவும் பற்றில்லாமலும் வாழ்ந்தார்கள் என்பதை மூன்றாவது ஒலிப்பதிவில் விவரிக்கின்றார்கள்.