7. Annan..The Supreme Doctor

1)          Sri Rekha ,a devotee of Annan has narrated us  various experiences she had in the last seven years of her association with the Annan family in Komal. She says," When my engagement function was there, I was  well briefed  by my would be husband and in- laws that  they all live with the consecrated life to Annan Swamigal and Komal Annan. So on that day, I was  expecting Komal Annan coming with all the customary Saintly looks. But to my surprise ,He arrived as a simple and elegant Being!.”

            “After my marriage , we were in Mysore as my husband was working in Mysore. Only three photos used to be there in our Pooja room..1. Ambal photo (Divine Mother) 2. Pudur Annan Swamigal photo 3. Komal Annan photo. We worship only them. As  I was not used to be alone ,my husband told me to light agarbatti and pray Annan if I had any problem”.Thus grew the atmic surrender  of Rekha  at the feet of Annan.

              Most auspicious motherhood stage was just  arriving in Rekha’s life. When she was pregnant, at the seventh month, doctors told there  was a low level of amniotic fluid (shortage of  fluid in which baby floats in the mother’s womb) and that is to be treated immediately for the well being of the upcoming child. She was admitted in hospital, The needed medicine was given in  the form of  I V (intravenous fluids) fluids. The last bottle of medicine did not pass through the vein. Doctors were struggling in vain and the veins got swollen due to  some thrombosis. They decided to pass the fluids through the leg veins..but dropped the idea..i was fervently praying Pudur Annan and Komal Annan.

             When  such trial was going on ,the sister of Rekha’s mother- in- law came there unexpectedly and offered idlies (which she bought from a hotel) to Rekha which she was carrying for Annan Swamigal  pooja in the morning. She looked at Rekha, Gently massaged her hand and left that place. Rekha says," Her face was unusually bright and charmful..She did not speak anything, just signed my  in- law to give the idlies to me! ,Sooner she  massaged, the problem was solved at once. To the surprise of everyone the IV fluids were freely flowing into my veins.That visitor was not knowing about my illness and she did not plan to visit the hospital also”. But when she was waiting for  the  bus  from market   to her home, she could not get bus. Instead, she was impelled  unexpectedly to visit  Rekha. Thus she  arrived  the hospital. This lady is an Ardent devotee of  Annan Swamigal and never failed to offer idly to Annan in the morning Pooja.(Annan used  to say that Divine Mother gives Darshan to us in the most known figure!.The Divine chooses the suitable tool in the moment for the sake of the aspiring devotee to attend the needs..Here this Lady ,the Ardent devotee of Annan  is handled by Annan as an instrument  and  made to come to hospital unexpectedly  and transferred the needed cosmic  force to solve the  illness of this ailing  devotee!)

 2)        I desired a male child for our family. While I was hesitant to submit my desire at the feet of  Komal Annan, He himself asked me about my desire!. On an Aadi Ammavasai day , Komal Annan  intutively understood my desire for a male child and lovingly asked me about this, with a motherly attitude. While discussing this with the Guru, all of a sudden power cut occurred  in Komal and lights went off!. Though it is said that such incident is unauspicious, The devotees of Annan said that this incident of power cut amidst the discussion is a great  blessing! ”(During which Annan arrives in that place and fulfils the desire of the devotee! And such is the experience of many devotees too In the past! )

                  Komal Annan said that in October I would get  conceived!.. Similarly I got conceived as declared by Komal Annan. I was longing for bathing and  touching Pudur Annan whenever I saw the abhishekam of Annan Swamigal. My longing got catered to on a Guru Pooja day when Komal Annan told me to bath Annan and perform Abhishekam to Annan Swamigal. While bathing and touching the hairs, hands, legs and performing various abhishekam, I distinctly felt Annan smiling at me and the touch and feel of Annan permeated my whole Being.” ( The devotee’s experience of elated mood (while touching Annan Swamigal during abhishekam) is of high order and can be correlated with a ‘MAHABHAV’ as widely spoken in Naradha bakthi sutras. A devotee of such an order is indeed rare on earth!).

                     ‟At my home, I used to write the names of  Pudur Annan and Komal Annan several times at the night time when everyone fell asleep. My main prayer that time was to get a male child. That time I used to listen kolusu  sound(anklet made out of silver).Likewise I listened several times during that time of my pregnancy.When confirmed from Komal Annan, we understood that Ambal (AN EXPRESSION OF DIVINE MOTHER) visited our home because of which we heard that sound.!


    திருமதி.ரேகா அவர்கள் கடந்த 7 ஆண்டுகளாக அண்ணனையும் திரு சுவாமினாதன் அவர்களையும்(இங்கு மாமா என அன்புடன் இந்த பக்தை அழைக்கிறார்) தனது இஷ்ட தெய்வங்களாக வணங்கி வருபவர். இவர் தனது அனுபவங்களை இங்கு கூறுகிறார்.

  • தான் மருத்துவமனையில் இருந்தபோது அண்ணன் எவ்வாறு தனக்கு வந்த சிக்கலை நீக்கினார்கள் என முதலாம் ஒலிப்பதிவில் கூறுகிறார்.
  • தனக்கு ஓர் ஆண் குழந்தையை அண்ணன் தன் திருவருளால்  இறைவனிடமிருந்து பெற்றுத்தந்தார்கள் என்பதை இரண்டாம் ஒலிப்பதிவில் கூறுகிறார்.