5. The Guru's protection

            Devotees from komal went on a pilgrimage  to Calcutta. Sri Deepa one of the devotees of Annan, narrated her experience in the tour.

1)        They visited Dakshineshwar kali temple. Devotees wanted to worship Mahakali by offering fish.while they were searching for a fish,they could not find that item anywhere near to the shrine.But they could get only jangiri (sweatmeat made primarily from urdu dal, or by maitha (Jilebe)).Thus devotees offered jangiri to Mahakali and fervently  worshipped Her.

            Now all the devotee team continued their trip in the van. One of the devotees started distributing that jangiri prasadam (offered for Mahakali) to everyone. To the surprise of  all, that jangiri was giving out a fish smell!.Sri Deepa distinctly felt the odour of fish from the jangiri. (Sri Deepa  was not knowing  about that incident of searching for the fish and finally offering jangiri .)

         The Mahakali happily accepted the jangiri prasadam as a fish!  And she finally fulfilled the loving  desire of Her children. An important lesson from this miracle is “Motto is the priority for  the Supreme  in judging  one’s action. The fruit of action is moulded by the Supreme from  the motto behind!.

2)      Once The devotees went on a pilgrimage to Mount kailash.Sri Deepa  was seriously  struck by the pinching cold of that place. While staying at hotel,her hand started changing the color due to frost bite and as the minutes rolled, Sri Swaminathan (China Annan,Here described  as mama) came to her and just solaced her by holding her hand and said," Don’t be afraid ..nothing will happen.”.To the surprise of many the discolored hand slowly came to its normalcy!

            Two of the devotees suffered out of breathing trouble.The oxygen support did not solve the problems. Now their Savior,China Annan came there and just tapped their back by His hand and solaced them. To the surprise of all the breathing trouble disappeared!

  Now the devotees plunged in their Mansarover Trip with the loving grace of chinna Annan.The  Annan devotees coolly entered the Manasarovar lake and took holy bath in that extremely pinching cold, while many other tourists at the shore were watching them with wonder !.After bath ,with the wet cloths, the devotees started their yagam(Yaga) and worshiped Lord Siva for three hours!.The tourists started prostrating this team by seeing their  bakthi and endurance!.Sri Deepa says,"Annan Made us to endure..Annan Protects us always!”


    திரு தீபா அவர்கள், கோமல் பக்தர்கள் புனித யாத்திரை சென்றபோது தனக்கும் பக்தர்களுக்கும் ஏற்பட்ட பல அனுபவங்களை பகிர்ந்துகொள்கிறார்.

  • கல்கத்தாவில் காளி கோவிலில் நடந்த ஓர் அதிசயத்தை தனது முதல் ஒலிப்பதிவில் விவரிக்கின்றார்.
  • கைலாஷ் மானசரோவர் பயணத்தின்போது திரு.கோமல் சுவாமினாதன் அவர்கள் (குறிப்பு..இளம் பக்தர்கள் அனைவரும் திரு சுவாமினாதன் அவர்களை அன்புடன் மாமா என்றுதான் அழைக்கின்றார்கள்பக்தர்களை எவ்வாறு காத்து அருளினார்கள் என தனது இரண்டாவது ஒலிப்பதிவில் விவரிக்கின்றார்.