4. Yazhini- An Angelic Gift

                   Yazhini-An Angelic Gift

                    Sri Sakthivel  is an ardent devotee of Annan.Though his complete family is already associated with the komal soil,his wife after arriving in his life is also consumed by the  divine love and grace of komal Annan (sri Swaminathan). Komal Annan is infact their  kankanda dheivam(God perceived by naked eyes).

                    Sri Sakthivel and family aspired for a girl child in their life and as usual the wish is already submitted at the feet of Annan (komal Annan here-As these devotees call komal Annan as “Annan” only).But the problem is, there was  an undesirable growth in the uterus which made the conceiving an impossible one for his wife.

             Where as Komal Annan was lovingly adamant in bestowing the most wanted girl child for the family.‘Mother never fails to feed her child the most delicious and suitable  food when needed.She  at times endures immeasurable pain  for that sake’..was in fact the state of komal Annan.

            The doctors gave some treatment and after some injections they gave their medical clearance  to the couple for a child. This  process had already consumed about 3 years to make her medically fit apparently for a child!.The couple was happy when ‘ the first periods (Menstruation) after the try  got shifted.

                25 days passed then.When the couple was discussing their “good time”at midnight,a telephone call came from komal. Sri swaminathan said to Sakthivel,“Don’t worry. This formation (Embryo) will not stay! and not good for you now!,will expel soon!”.

            Sakthivel knowing the sensitivity of this advice,did not convey this to his wife who was sitting beside him.But in that early morning , wife came to him only to say,‘ I entered periods" just now!.Then Sakthivel consoled her and conveyed the advice of  Komal Annan.

               After that, for about one month,While they were entirely unprepared sitting in disgust,A warm, soothing incident of period shift occurred to his wife. The medical investigation too showed positive!The entire family got melted at the grace of komal Annan in giving an angelic gift to their family. They knew the power of TAPAS of komal  Annan that made this impossible, a possible one!

            (The most beautiful episode of this history is, komal Annan gave His affirmation  for a girl child and named her as Yazhini at around three years before this incident when the couple was first submitting their wish at His Feet.)

        While only 30 days passed, no one knows what will be the child,girl or boy?.But the most auspicious day of their life arrived  when Sakthivel’s wife was admitted at the hospital for delivery!

            TO EVERYONE’S REAL WONDER, HIS WIFE GAVE BIRTH TO A GIRL CHILD!Yazhini who was being their dream child for the past three years, has become their reality now only because of Komal Annan’s uncompromising tapas for this to happen!.

            What a wonderful miracle of this humble person!... what an unshakable faith the devotees and their Master exchange each other! Blessed are these who get the spontaneous protection and prosperity by this komal Annan, Sri Swaminathan.

            This Master knows how to  groom a child! Yazhini now ,at her kiddy stage, is  doing Abishekam for Andalpuram Swamigal at His Jeeva Samadhi Peetam on His Guru Pooja day!.

                             *****OM TAT SAT****

யாழினி-அண்ணனின் ஓர் அருட்கொடை

        திரு சக்திவேல் அவர்கள் அண்ணனின் திருவடிகளை பற்றி வாழும் ஒரு பக்தர். இவரும் இவரது மனைவியும் தங்களுக்கு ஒரு பெண் குழந்தை வேண்டும் என கோமல் அண்ணனிடம்(திரு. சுவாமினாதன்) கோரிக்கை வைத்தனர். 
         ஆனால் சக்திவேலின் மனைவிக்கு கருத்தரிப்பதில் ஒரு பிரச்சனை இருந்தது. தனது தவ வலிமையால் எவ்வாறு கோமல் அண்ணன் தம் குடும்பத்துக்கு ஓர் அருமையான பெண் குழந்தையை இறைவனிடமிருந்து வாங்கி தந்தார் என்பதை சக்திவேல் குடும்பத்தார் கூறுவதை கேட்போம்..