The Rise of Vilamal Shrine

        Variation is the beauty of this Universe! Even among the devotees of Annan many are introvert, restricting their association with Annan only and contended with what Annan gave for their intellectual and material prosperity.

           But few among them wanted to disseminate the grace and wisdom of Annan to the world for the benefit of common public who don’t even know who Annan is!.These extroverts are indeed karma yogis who devoted their entire life to spread the message of Omnipresence and Omniscience of Annan in the Cosmos.Sri Sivaprakasam of Pudur(Vilamal  Ayya) is one with such karma yogic temperaments.

           Annan from his childhood onwards had a hearty and loving friendship with Sivaprakasam .When Annan and Sivaprakasam were of around 5 years, Annan lovingly carried Sivaprakasam on His back expressing the full beauty and naughty of HIS childhood. Annan and Sivaprakasam being of almost same age, had a deep relation, probably continuing from their previous many births ,that resulted in many a times in humble submission of Annan for the loving demands of Sivaprakasam,only for the well-being of Annan Devotees.This demand and submission which can only happen between the true friends irrespective of their intellectual and spiritual stature has happened between Annan and Sivaprakasam also from their childhood onwards till the Jeeva Samadhi of Annan. This Intimate relation and identitiy with annan happens now also between the Divine Mother and HER Child (Annan and Sivaprakasam)

         After Jeeva Samadhi of Annan,Sri Sivaprakasam initially worked along with many intimate devotees of Annan for spreading the life and grace of Annan to help the common public.But the aspiration of Sivaprakasam was of greater degree that made Him seek seclusion from His earlier devotees circle and come out victoriously to raise a wonderful and vibrant shrine for Annan at Vilamal, Tiruvarur.

         This Shrine’s work was started in 1999 and finished with its beauty in 2004.The Principal deity of this Shrine is Annan made by superior quality marble. Sivaprakasam with other devotees took extremely strenuous efforts to make this wonderful lively Sculpture of Annan from Rajasthan.One more brass idol of Annan here is worshipped as Urchavamurthi and during special occasions, all Abishekams are mostly performed on this  Annan in brass Idol.Infact this brass idol is the first expression of Annan in this Shrine.Later when the marble figure arrived, this brass one is worshipped as Urchavar.

           If asked about the development of this Shrine,then Sri Sivaprakasam(Vilamal Ayya)with overwhelming joy and gratitude explains how He was guided by Annan in his journey from Pudur to Vilamal, culminating his bakthi towards Annan into a grand Shrine for Annan in Vilamal.Numerous devotees of Annan join Vilamal Ayya both physically and financially in wonderful upkeep of this Shrine and celebrations of important days in Annan life are organized and executed in perfect order and flawless manner.

        Vilamal Ayya whole Being is filled with thought of Annan and He rejoices in narrating tirelessly about His days with Annan if asked! .It is a great treat and blessing to hear from this Disciple aged 77years, about the life and days of Annan.

 Scheduled events:

        • Every Friday, Pooja is performed for Annan                                        Swamigal  at  07:00 pm

        • Pournami Pooja on every full moon day at 08:00 pm

        • Annan Swamigal birthday celebration in January (ON                     BOGI PANDIGAI)

        • Annan Swamigal Guru Poojai (grand and significant                       celebration) on 22nd February.

        • Tamil New Year celebration(on Chittirai 1st)

        • Navratri celebration( For 11 days spreading from                               Ammavasya to  VijayaThasami)

         Kadal/Thidal poojai for Andalpuram Swamigal on                            Thai  and Aadi Ammavasai at Kameswaram(sea                                 shore) and Chintamani(Place where Andalpuram                             Swamigal lived for most of His life time.) 

How to worship Annan here:

    Devotees who come here bring agarbattis,flowers and pray Annan.Vilamal Ayya gives Annan photo,vibuthi,flower prasadam and Annan Sarana Kovai to the devotee and advise him to do worship of Annan at his home in a unique way to suit the individual.

       Many devotees come back after few days/months with joy to thank Annan for solving their long bothering problems!.

Deities in the Shrine premises:

        • Sri Annan in brass and marble (both in meditative                             posture) and   Lord Ganesha in brass beside Annan.

        • Mahakali (in Dakshina kali form)

        • Lord Thiyagaraja(mortar made)

        • Rare photo collections of Annan surrounding the                               shrine  interior

        • Anna Poorani (in fine arts frame)





Darshan timings:

          06:00 am to 09:00 pm


  Sri Sivaprakasam Ayya

                3/343,Sri Annan Swamigal shrine,

                Periyar Nagar,


                Tamil Nadu - 610004.


                Ph. +91 9486319014 / +91 9344887114

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