Welcome to the lap of Sri Annan Swamigal,

The Divine Mother


What made us to make this website:

We came to know about Annan Swamigal (Arunachala Swamigal)  in 2013. A small book which I got from my brother-in-law(released from Vilamal Shrine) gave a brief picture of Annan Swamigal.Then we  visited Pudur Jeeva Samadhi Shrine and Vilamal Shrine.We could feel most engulfing serene atmosphere in the Jeeva Samadhi Shrine yet simple and unmodernised.We met Annan’s younger brother Sri Bakthavachalam.He narrated many miracles of Annan with great conviction and firmness.Critical analysis and intellectual genius of Sri Bakthavachalam impressed us.

  We went to Vilamal Shrine too and the disciple of Annan, Sri Sivaprakasam(Vilamal Ayya) narrated many elevating incidents about Annan which inspired us.The untiring delivery from Sri Sivaprakasam ayya  about Annan made us wonder whether such SIDDHA  is possible!

   The longing within us for enlightenment and wisdom got woken up.We then happened to meet many of Annan’s devotees and disciples.We could slowly travel through the days of Annan along with them.Though we read a good number of  books on religion,philosophy,life of great saints and siddhas, we did not get chance to meet such a number of devotees who experienced miracles of various order.

                  Many are guided and protected by Annan even after His Samadhi. We too experienced the miracle of meeting direct disciples of a Great Siddha,Annan. This is because of Annan’s Grace by which we got at least some  preliminary exposure in practical philosophy , religion and occultism.

                  Conviction has now grown in our heart and mind that spiritual genius of such order lived/ live in this earth. Faith and aspiration now slowly grow within our soul to realize the Supreme Being. This firmness has emerged after around 15 years of somewhat dry involvement in philosophy and religion. Nevertheless this itself is a great miracle of Annan.

              Annan led a simple life restricting Himself in a small room of 12 X 8 feet size!.What made many contemporary saints and yogis to visit Annan! what made numerous common people stick to Annan even after His Samadhi?.When we interview them, tear rolls down from their eyes out of gratitude! Many such devotees even stopped worshipping any God other than Annan.

             Because Annan solved their problems from the causal root itself so that an individual’s life got transformed into a serene and vibrant life!.How many manipulations He did in the cosmos for establishing such miracles is a mystery!(for us).

                  We may break our head with karmic theory and “virtue and sin” and what not!.But what is the use of such theories when an individual is weeping with problems?.We did not take birth with our own wish,we do not know how to do a karma,we do not know where that karma will lead us!.we do not know what is Supramental Being ,what is God, what is Darkness. When we read many books on this subject, only confusion will grow!.

                 A Siddha of Annan stature gives instantaneous solution for all such physical, mental and intellectual turmoil. Go! Sit at His feet! You will get solution for your problems!.Come back! Live contended!.Thats what happened / happens to the devotees of Annan.Getting wisdom about the God and Universe is not a simple act possible for everyone! Because everyone does not want that! Does not aspire for that!.

                 Most of the people come to a Siddha for their day-to-day problems of this ephemeral life only!. A Siddha Purusha, knowing fully the critical structure of an individual, addresses his problems,only to uplift him in the path of realization.When a man is sitting in hungry, any amount of philosophy will only be empty bullets in air!.

                 When we go through the life of great spiritual and philosophical giants like The supreme Siddha Ramalinga Swamigal, Nayanmargal, Azhwargal, 18Siddhas, Ramakrishna Paramahansar, Swami Vivekanandha,Ramana Maharishi, Swami Sivananda, Yogi Aurobindo,Yogi Paramahansa Yoganandha, Swami Chidananda,Swami Krishnananda,Mahatma Gandhi, Acharya Vino Bhave and many saints and sages of yore, one aspect is most common among Them.That is love and compassion to all the animate and inanimate beings of this Universe!..

                  There may be variation in the way of Their life, expressions, preachings, actions.But all was pointed to the upliftment of ignorant from the clutches of physical and mental agony and making him slowly fit to receive higher grace from the Supreme Being!

              Annan was / is one of the  greatest Siddhas of recent time whose company was sought by many contemporary saints and siddhas Themselves!The height of wisdom,love  and compassion of Annan Raised Him to  such a commanding position in the Universe!.Heart melting love,Deep penance, austerity,renunciation and enlarging the consciousness to the whole universe is the price what He paid for this position.

                  We should learn from the life of such Siddha Purushas!. Siddhas teach by Their life.Annan too taught by His life.He objected for formulated preachings and sayings, for they will only be  informative unless given to a matured soul. Only a Siddha knows who is matured!

                 Hence,people who want to know the secret of this creation should go to a Guru and surrender Him.He will take us to the Supreme Being.Otherwise we will be misguided by the suggestions of our impure mind.We will vainly take the imagination and fancies of our mind as realization and  will start guiding others too while still living in darkness and ignorance!

                    So we should take the help of common sense while analyzing  the advice from anyone.We should pray to our Ishta Devetha for guidance.Many devotees take direct guidance from Annan without any mediators.Annan lives with us. A small step taken towards Annan will suffice to descend His grace on us!. Then why we need mediators for any suggestion and advice on our matters?.An ignorant cannot guide another ignorant.

                  We should rely on the grace of Siddha Purushas! We should prepare ourselves with the needed qualification for this. Simple faith and surrender to Annan is the required qualification!.He will guide us.We can feel His unfailing  guidance here and now!

                   We (admin) felt His guidance and enjoy it now..So it tempted us to write this to you all so that you too can get benefitted by this. Nothing more .No other motto for us . A Siddha Purusha from a rural village protected,guided and enlightened the surrendered individuals!,We came to know about that.We too experienced that.We give that to the world. That’s all.Rest is lying with the reader to pray Annan for understanding Him!

                   Worship Annan with Agarbatti, offer Him coffee,tea or any other eatable before you take,speak to Him directly.Call Him ‘Annan’(Brother) with love and intimacy.He comes at once and protect you!.

                   “Days with Annan” caption of this web site will be very interesting for the reader.Because many miracles performed by Annan as reported by devotees are presented in this caption and interesting events in Annan’s life are narrated here.Many articles/miracles  will be gradually uploaded in this caption round the year.

                     The reader should not reject them as hallucination, delusion or illusion.They are all possible in this Universe and  they conform cosmic law.They are miracles for us ,But very normal and scientific for a Siddha!. Kindly read the book Autobiography of a Yogi of Paramahansa Yoganandha and Wisdom of the Overself; The search in secret India of Dr.Paul Brunton.You will be convinced scientifically in the law of universe and miracles.The deeply lying tendencies in our mind and intellect will propel us unconsciously in all walk of our life.Each human being trapped in those tendencies struggle hard to come out of its conditioning whenever encountered by a new event,experience,new person. We fit our will and wish into that  event/individual and try to accept/reject them!.Whereas the truth can be entirely different from that of known.So miracles too should be understood in true light without assigning the label of magic to them.

                   Ofcourse Annan discouraged unwanted feats and happy-go-lucky miracles.They will pollute the mind of an amateur soul and he will be lost in those occultism.Realising the Divine and unfolding the Supramental state will become a remote possibility for that individual who concentrates only on miracles and occultism.They are all uninvited capabilities for a poised disciple which just confirms  the unfoldment of Universal Power within him while he firmly travels in the path of God realization.

                    Miracles performed by a Siddha have got deep significance and they are all done according to the Divine Will. Hence many transcendental questions will be answered only after realization of the Supreme.Keep on doubting the whole human race will eventually land us in darkness. Fault finding nature is detrimental to our progress. There is no  perfect human being in the universe. We are a mixture of three gunas as described in GITA. This applies to Siddha Purushas also as far as their external life is concerned.But the current of sattva is more and suddha maya is predominantly operating within them.

                     Annan had liquor as a part of worship. The reader should not interpret this as a vice.But the way of worship He adopted in His initial period of Atmic evolution necessitated this sort of offerings to His Ishta Devata. So it may be interpreted that Annan practised vamachara. But Annan was an Integral Yogi.His very life reflected Karma,Bakthi and Gnana yoga. He did regular worship of gods by agarbatti, bajans etc that constituted  sariyai.He did pranayamam and some subtle worships that constituted kiriyai.He practiced deep tapas by shutting His room for months.This constituted yogam.He established Himself in thorough compassion and universal consciousness that characterize His wisdom which is Gnanam.

                  Annan always lived in constant touch with Supreme and completely surrendered His life at the feet of Divine Mother(Para Sakthi).we should also pray to God for guiding us.He will come to us in the form of Human Guru .A Guru is one in whose presence all worries drop effortlessly and a deep tranquillity and clarity emerge from within. None other can be called as Guru who gives elaborate speeches and advices without bestowing the needed peace of mind to the devotees. Such serenity and peace of mind was invariably experienced by each and every devotee/disciple of Annan at His feet.

                The most important thing here is Annan showers same sort of peace and prosperity now also to a demanding devotee who surrenders Him. The testimony is... many miracles reported by the devotees after His Samadhi!

               Let us surrender to Annan for His guidance in all walk of our life!.Let us keep our heart open for His grace! Let us remember Him always in our heart!.Let us walk in the path of virtue to gain strength and compassion.Let us strive hard to keep our mind pure and vibrant so that the Grace of Annan does its complete job of transforming us from  man to Godman.

Om Annane Saranam!