Komal Sri Arunalayam

Sri Arunalayam, Komal


Sri Annan Swamigal Peetam, Komal

Sri Annan Swamigal, Komal

Sri Andalpuram Swami Jeeva Samadhi Peetam

Sri Ram Laxshmana Sita Hanuman in Andalpuram Swami Peetam

Garden, Komal

The Rise of Komal Shrine:

Annan while living in Sthula dhegam wanted both physical and mental seclusion at one period for uninterrupted reunion with Divine Mother.The reason behind this yearning was most probably to be away from the inherent industrial and commercial activities of the rice mill premises where Annan was living that time.

Annan expressed this desire to Sri Swaminathan,the Principal follower who was attending the needs of Annan by staying with Him round the clock.But the physical and financial feasibility of shifting Annan to such a place did not materialise till the Samadhi of Annan on 22nd feb’ 1989.

Sri Swaminathan later got few acres of land in Komal as a part of His ancestral property.He happily offered that land for the sacred mission of constructing a shrine for Annan. Sri Swaminathan and many other followers of Annan thus fulfilled the desire of Annan by raising a wonderful and vibrant shrine for Annan in that place which is now called ‘ Sri Arunalayam’.

Thus came into existence the Komal shrine for Annan. Andalpuram Swamigal also started visiting the construction activities and mysteriously stayed in this holy place for few weeks.But seven months after the Samadhi of Annan, Andalpuram Swamigal too attained Samadhi on 20th Sep ’1989 while living in Komal shrine. After the Samadhi of Sri Andalpuram Swamigal, A Jeeva Samadhi Shrine was raised for Him.

The great spiritual giant, Andalpuram Swamigal would have felt of having completed His mission in this earth by nurturing His most beloved disciple Annan into the vast domain of philosophical and spiritual secrecies and imparting Him the grand scheme of this Cosmos!.

Dieties in the Shrine:

• Sri Annan in stone image on lotus (in meditative posture).

• Lord Rama in Pattabisheka Kolam on Jeeva samadhi of Sri Andalpuram Swamigal.

Important events of Sri Arunalayam:

• Guru poojai of Annan on 22nd Feb every year.

• Guru poojai of Andalpuram Swamigal on 20th Sep every year.

• Navratri celebrations for 11 days.

These functions are celebrated with joy and austerity!.Sri Swaminathan Who resides in this sacred shrine, enters into strict austerities along with many disciples many days before the Guru pooja.He does this for the well-being of Annan devotees.

A TRUST has been formed for Sri Arunalayam to maintain transparency and credibility.Here everyone is equal in front of Annan and Swami. To ascertain this, many devotees are encouraged to come forward for performing abishekams on every Guru poojai.

Visiting Hours:

Morning 09:00 Am to Evening 05:00 Pm.


Sri Arunalayam,

Main road,Komal,

Tirukkaravasal post,

Tiruvarur,Tamil Nadu

Tel.Ph. 04366-294220 / 9487521079

How a devotee worships Annan and Swamy here:

A devotee can carry agarbathi,candle stick or flower and offer personally at the feet of Annan and Swamy.Annan in His Life time never encouraged customary externalized worships towards Divine Mother.Similarly here in ‘Arunalayam’ also simplicity is maintained in all activities including worshipping Annan and Swamy.Devotion and true surrender is given more importance than anything else.

Many miracles are being experienced by the devotees visiting this shrine.In fact it is not difficult for an Avatara of Lord Rama and an Avathaar of Maha Kali to bestow all prosperity to a devotee surrendering at the feet of Swami and Annan

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