Sri Arunalaya Varalaru- E Book

Sri Arunalaya Varalaru (Tamil)

                 The most wonderful book about the life of Sri Annan Swamigal and  Sri Andalpuram Swamigal (The Guru of Annan Swamigal).This book is truely, the outcome of abundant Grace of Annan and Andalpuram Swamigal. Because, words are not put in this book. Instead, the highest inspirations and life transforming experiences of Disciples and devotees from Sri Annan Swamigal brought this book to the world by His subtle living Compassion Itself.

                Sri Arunachalan (Note: Sri. Arunachalan Ayya passed away on 24.09.2017), a pious soul and an Ardent disciple of Annan Swamigal has indeed transferred his divine inflow into this book with the help of a loving and an Austere soul, Komal Sri Swaminathan Ayya,the principal disciple of Annan Swamigal. We humbly submit now, the book for the readers...