Pudur Jeeva Samadhi Adhishtanam

Sannadhis :

Vinayakar Sannadhi

Andalpuram Swamigal Sannadhi

Annan Swamigal Jeeva Samadhi

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The Rise of Jeeva Samadhi Peetam in Pudur:

After having plunged deep into an unique penance for few months, Sri Annan attained Jeeva Samadhi at around 02:30pm on Wednesday, the 22 Feb 1989.Many of His disciples were not aware about the characteristics of Jeeva Samadhi. The devotees were emotionally collapsed by the mere thought of having lost their beloved Master. Nothing was arising in their mind regarding what was to be done next.A group of devotees including Vilamal Ayya(Sivaprakasam) ran to Andalpuram Swamigal and cried in front of Him of their tragedy of Annan’s demise. Andalpuram Swamigal, after hearing about the Samadhi of His most respected and soulful disciple, entered into a deep trance for a moment and said, “Your Annan has reached the highest state. Need not worry”, and continued His own activities with poise. The devotees though grief struck returned Pudur with Swami’s consent for Jeeva Samadhi Peetam for Annan. The devotees unanimously decided to raise a Samadhi Peetam over Annan’s apparent mortal coil.

The Ground opposite to rice mill was selected for this sacred mission and after carrying out all rituals for a Jeevan Muktha ,the Sthula Dhegam of Annan was put to rest in that place on 23rd Feb 1989.Thus came into existence the Jeeva Samadhi Peetam of Annan at Pudur.

Till now the simplicity and originality of a Siddha Peetam is maintained here by Annan's purvashrama family members..Annan’s younger brother Sri Bakthavachalam (Note: Sri Bakthavachalam passed away on 12.11.2019. We humbly recollect here that we met him in March 2014 for the video presentation of 'Pudur Friday puja'. He expressed his heartiest greetings for the making of this website)makes sure that none of the so called modernization enters into the Jeeva Samadhi shrine.If modernized, He says,‘The poors of this locality may not be able to access this shrine as they do now,then very core of Annan’s life of equanimity may miss from this place.’ So no code of conduct is formulated for the devotees to pray Annan here. Devotees can freely express their own way of worship to Annan.when we stayed in that place on a Friday,we found a devotee coming with marie biscuit,some with murukku and another man with halwa and praying Annan for their emancipation! Infact pure bakthi and surrender is given more importance than any other formulated rituals in this place.The devotees are the luckiest and blessed by this calm and cool environment.

Scheduled Events:

Every Friday Abishekam and Pooja are performed for Annan Swamigal at around 08:00 pm

• Pournami Pooja on every full moon day at around 08:00 pm

• Guru Poojai of Sri Annan Swamigal on 23rd February, every year.

• Guru Poojai of Sri Aandalpuram Swamigal in September, every year.

How Devotees worship Sri Annan Swamigal:

When Annan was living in His sthula dhegam ,the devotees come to Annan first and prostrate Him. Annan used to send them to worship 'Athimarathu Aachi' and then devotees come back to His room for His loving counsel. The same tradition is being followed now also.

The devotee comes to Annan's Peedam first, get His consent to worship 'Athimarathu Aachi',then goes to 'Athimarathu Aachi' in the rice mill premises, worship Her with Agarbathi.Now the devotee comes back to Annan's Peedam and offers prayer to the lotus feet of Annan with overwhelming love and gratitude. None of the customary rules are imposed on a devotee in expressing love towards Annan is a departure from that of an organised Shrine.

Especially on Friday and Pournami nights many devotees sleep in the shrine Premises for receiving guidance and protection from Annan. It’s a miracle happening even today that the devotees who completely surrender to Annan’s feet, get their problems addressed by Annan and Annan’s grace always protect and guide them in all their endeavors.

Darshan Hours:

A Devotee can have Darshan of Annan Peedam at any Time. Few agarbathis, a piece of garland, any eatable offered to Annan with Heart full of love and surrender will suffice to descend the grace of Annan on oneself.

‘Athimarathu Achi’ and Annan’s room are in the rice mill premises where Annan lived for most of His period.These places of historic importance are near to this Jeeva Samadhi shrine. A devotee can have Darshan of these two centers of Divine expressions whenever one visits Pudur.

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