Annan Sarana Kovai

Worship Sri Annan Swamigal with these Sarana Kovai. These 108 mantras are expressing the power and attributes of Sri Annan Swamigal. Hence, DURING PRAYER, CHANT THESE MANTRAS OF ANNAN SWAMIGAL ,IF POSSIBLE BY STANDING IN FRONT OF HIS PHOTO.

Light Agarbathi (some incense sticks),offer some coffee,tea,biscuits or whatever you want to offer with bakthi and surrender..Then chant these mantras... You will get all prosperity and happiness. Annan's grace will descend and protect you...

1. Om Sri Annane saranam

2. Om Aachiye saranam

3. Om Thaaye saranam

4. Om Kaali shakthiye saranam

5. Om Veera shakthiye saranam

6. Om Soora shakthiye saranam

7. Om Anbey saranam

8. Om Aruley saranam

9. Om Arasey saranam

10. Om Azhagey saranam

11. Om Amuthey saranam

12. Om Arunthavath thaaye saranam

13. Om Annaiyin vadivey saranam

14. Om Anaitthilum iruppavarey saranam

15. Om Arulinaith tharubavarey saranam

16. Om Anuthinamum kaappavarey saranam

17. Om Aanantha joythiye saranam

18. Om Aabatthil kaappavarey saranam

19. Om Aanipponn mutthey saranam

20. Om Aarirul kalaibavarey saranam

21. Om Aakkam arulbavarey saranam

22. Om Aathiyum anthamum aanavarey saranam

23. Om Aasaiyai vendravarey saranam

24. Om Iraiva saranam

25. Om Isaiye saranam

26. Om Irul pokkum sudarey saranam

27. Om Idaiyoorai kalaibavarey saranam

28. Om Eesa saranam

29. Om Eegaiyin vallaley saranam

30. Om Eerezhu ulagamum nirainthavarey saranam

31. Om Eedilla selvamey saranam

32. Om Ee ena iravaa nilai arulbavarey saranam

33. Om Eesan magan nesaa saranam

34. Om Utthama seelarey saranam

35. Om Ulaga naayaganey saranam

36. Om Uyir Oviyamey saranam

37. Om Udal nalam arulbavarey saranam

38. Om Ookkam tharubavarey saranam

39. Om Oozhvinai ozhippavarey saranam

40. Om En kula theivamey saranam

41. Om En guru naathaney saranam

42. Om Enniyathai arulbavarey saranam

43. Om En thisaiyaiyum vendravarey saranam

44. Om Ema bayam theerppavarey saranam

45. Om Eliyorai kaappavarey saranam

46. Om Engum nirainthu arulbavarey saranam

47. Om Yega naayagarey saranam

48. Om Yegaanthavaasiye saranam

49. Om Yevalthanaik kalaibavarey saranam

50. Om Yezhmaikku irangubavarey saranam

51. Om Yezhai pangaalarey saranam

52. Om Aiyam theerppavarey saranam

53. Om Aintheyzhutthu manthiramey saranam

54. Om Aiym kreem kleem jai kaali saranam

55. Om Oppilla maanikkamey saranam

56. Om OLi miguntha devey saranam

57. Om Om kaara poruley saranam

58. Om Karunai yin ootrey saranam

59. Om Kathiroli sudarey saranam

60. Om Kan kanda kadavuley saranam

61. Om Kali yuga theivamey saranam

62. Om Kalvikku vitthey saranam

63. Om Kattrokku iniyavarey saranam

64. Om Kallarkkum yeliyavarey saranam

65. Om Kaaliyin thiru uruvey saranam

66. Om Kaalatthai vendravarey saranam

67. Om Gaanap piriyarey saranam

68. Om Gnaanap Peroliye saranam

69. Om Shakthi yin vadivey saranam

70. Om Sarvaroga nivaarana saranam

71. Om Sanchalam theerppavarey saranam

72. Om Sarva mangalam arulbavarey saranam

73. Om Shaantha soroobiye saranam

74. Om Saasthirangal arinthavarey saranam

75. Om Siva kozhunthey saranam

76. Om Sittham thelivippararey saranam

77. Om Siva yoga naayagarey saranam

78. Om Senthamizh amuthey saranam

79. Om Serukkinai ozhippavarey saranam

80. Om Thatthuva gnaaniye saranam

81. Om Tharmap prabhuvey saranam

82. Om Thik kellaam kaappavarey saranam

83. Om Theevinai azhippavarey saranam

84. Om Theentamizh suvaiye saranam

85. Om Theivatthiru uruve saranam

86. Om Thevittaatha thellamuthey saranam

87. Om ThEn mozhi aiyaney saranam

88. Om Thooya vazhvu alippavarey saranam

89. Om Nalamellam alippavarey saranam

90. Om Nar kaniyin suvaiye saranam

91. Om Nattravatthin kozhunthey saranam

92. Om Naaga shakthiye saranam

93. Om Ninaikkum thiruvadiye saranam

94. Om Bakthar tham thilagamey saranam

95. Om Pazhamarai yin kurunthey saranam

96. Om Paramaanantha perukkey saranam

97. Om Pala siddthi pettravarey saranam

98. Om Pancha boothangalai vendravarey saranam

99. Om Paasam miguntha annane saranam

100. Om Piravi pini theerppavarey saranam

101. Om Porul nalam tharubavarey saranam

102. Om Vallamai arulbavarey saranam

103. Om Vaiyagam vazhvippavarey saranam

104. Om Kuttratthai poruppavarey saranam

105. Om Gnaana panditharey saranam

106. Om Sadh guruvey saranam

107. Om Sri pudur annane saranam

108. Om Sri Annanin Thiruvadigal 

 saranam ! saranam !! saranam !!!