Life History of Pudur Sri Annan Swamigal

God and Creation

         This world is created, guided, protected and the activities of the whole cosmos are directed for the grand evolution of Beings towards Godliness!. Every Being in this world is potentially divine and expresses divinity in the form of love, affection, intellectual genius,art etc .But a human being, in the initial phase of divine expression,shows all love and care for a self- centered purpose, restricting the operation to oneself, one’s family, at the most to one’s own relatives!

            But very few persons of great wisdom and love, feel for others, suffer for others,live for others,and thus give peace and happiness to others. Such human beings are rare in this world!.These are the people of godliness and incarnations of Almighty indeed!

             SRI ANNAN SWAMIGAL (Arunachala Swamigal) is one of the finest expressions of God’s  loving grace and wisdom. SRI ANNAN SWAMIGAL is regarded and adored as an incarnation of Mahakali (DIVINE MOTHER) not only by His devotees but also by the saints of His own period! .People who had been living in close association with Sri Annan, irrespective of their faiths and personal beliefs assert that He is indeed an incarnation of Mahakali Herself.Their experiences bear testimony for this assertion.

Annan Swamigal's Birth and Childhood

    Sri Annan was born on 12 january 1937(ON BOGI) as Arunachalam to Thiru Chakrapani(Father)and Thirumathi Kamalambal(Mother) at Pudur village, which is 0.7 km from Thirunellikkaval Railway station and 3 km from Pudur cross road Tiruvarur -Thiruthuraipoondi High Way. Pudur Village is situated on a bifurcation from the High way, going to Thirunellikaval,One of the revered Shiva kshetrams adored by three of the senior saiva saints(Nayanmargal)- and to a very famous Saneeswar kshetram,Tirukollikadu.It is 20km from district headquarters,Tiruvarur,Tamil nadu. Annan’s father was a  highly respected man blessed with good material prosperity. ‘When Annan was a 3 month old child,a saint who came to the house incidently, wrote some symbols in the tongue of Annan!’, said His elder Sister.ANNAN  got his formal education at the primary school,Pudur. He studied 10th standard(5TH Form of that period) at the Govt.Board High school,Thiruthuraipoondi, Tiruvarur District.

 A Saint initiates Annan to spiritual life at the age of 15

    Sri Annan was initiated to the spiritual life at the age of 15 by an  Ascetic at a cremation ground beside the River Mulli Aaru,Thiruthuraipoondi. At that time,Annan was studying at Thiruthuraipoondi.One day,when Annan was on his way to school after getting down from his train,He  listened a voice, “Arunachalam stop!”.Then Annan saw an old man with saintly look coming onto the road from a cremation ground beside the river bank.The saint asked Annan where he was going?.Annan replied that he was going to school.The Saint said to Him,‘you are going to teach the whole world! then what to learn from these schools!’.Annan wondered at the saint’s blessings!.Then the  saint wrote some symbols on the tongue of Annan.Then He said,‘I am very hungry..can you please give me something to eat?’ Annan at once ran to a small hotel (Mangalambika hotel) that was on the downstream of the road and brought Poori and dosa for the saint.But the saint disappeared from that place! Then Annan took a bicycle for rent and started searching that saint throughout the town.But He could not find Him!.It was only the divine dispensation that made the saint to give such diksha to Annan ,after which Annan could  not continue his studies and his whole life started transforming slowly then onwards.

 Annan's longing for Divine Mother darshan

        Annans way of living started changing after this diksha. He used to go to Pidari Amman temple(a form of Goddess Durga) of his village and sit there silently for about 1 hour doing subtle worship of Goddess Durga. Though Annan was born in a family of high financial and social stature,He never took interest in money and fame!.His father was owning a rice mill .Annan was given the responsibility of looking after the office work of that rice mill. For sometime Annan was looking after a grocery shop established by His father.Annan used to do japa whenever he got spare time amidst the business activities.Annan used to give all groceries for the needy.But never asked money from them.Thus that grocery shop came to closure!.. After sometime, Annan was back to rice mill for admin purpose.But Annan was more inclined to be in contact with Divine Mother and He used to spend His time with other collegue and like- minded friends in discussing and contemplating on MAHAKALI in His unique way.    

Senior Saints and Siddhas meeting Annan from His age of 17

    During this period,from His 17 year onwards, the most spectacular incident happened! Many elder Siddhas,Yogis and Saints started visiting Annan and spent their precious time with Annan.They were well aware about the Divine Mother’s presence in the form of Annan!.The following Saints and Maha Siddhas sought the company of  Annan from his 17 years onwards:

1.His Holiness Sri Aandalpuram Swamigal(age:above 100 years)

2.  ”   Sri Maruthur Swamigal alias Siva Swamigal(age:75 years)

3.       ,,      Sri Korambotty Swamigal(age: above 80 years)

4        ,,      Sri Athipadugai Swamigal(age: above 80 years)

5.       ,,      Sri Tiruchendur Swamigal(age: above 70 years)

6.Muslim saint His Holiness Sri Adhirampattinam Swamigal

  (age: above 70 years)  

         Though many saints and siddhas visited Annan ,two of them played very important role in Annan’s supramental life.They are Maruthur Siva Swamigal(Maruthur Ayya) from Maruthur and Aandalpuram Swamigal(Swami) from Chintamani.

              Maruthur Ayya initiated Annan into various upasanas like Ganapathi Upasana,Kali Upasana,Varahi Upasana,Lakshmi Upasana etc.Moreover Maruthur Swamigal was expert in Alchemistry also.By knowing this science,one can turn iron into gold .Though it is a very subtle process involving individual yogic power, the herbs and other materials are used as a vehicle to transform iron into gold!.Even today we can see various chemical bottles and other tools used for such feats, preserved for visitors in  Maruthur Ashramam  near to Maruthur Ayya temple!. Though Maruthur Ayya imparted this science to Annan ,Annan  declined to do this as a regular affair as this will drain out all yogic power of a yogi and deviate a siddha from His godly pursuits.

     Aandalpuram Swamigal (called as Swami by His devotees) was a great saint with all Divine attributes.He was living in Chintamani, a place near to Thirupoondi  in Nagapattinam district.He performed many life changing miracles for the well- being of devotees/common public.He worshipped Lord Rama and Hanuman with more inclination.The place where He stayed  is known as Thidal that emanated peace and bliss to anyone who visited Swami in that place!.There was a great divinity pervading the Thidal  because of which Swami used to say the visitor to walk around the Thidal and then only He gave vibhuti prasadam which is nothing but the firewood ash lying in the brick-woven stove!.Aandalpuram Swamigal used to travel extensively by walk and visit many holy places like ..Velankanni church,Temple, Nagapattinam Perumal koil,Nagore Dargha,Thirumalaarayan pattinam Kali Koil,Mannargudi Rajagopal Swamy Koil etc.After that Swami comes back to Thidal,Stay there for few days and starts again the life of a mendicant.Thus went on the routine of Swamigal.

               It is a great mystery and Divine dispensation that Aandalpuram Swamigal met Annan in Pidari Amman temple when Annan was going to that temple for His regular worship in His initial period of spiritual life.The subtle conversation and exchange of intuitions happened between these two Mahatmas in that temple.Thus grew a Guru-Disciple bond between these two Masters.Annan sent many of His devotees to Swamigal for guidance and protection. Swamigal too embraced  the devotees of Annan with love and care. Infact many known miracles and wisdom of Swami are mostly experienced and reported by the devotees of Annan. Invariably all the devotees of Annan show unruffled bakthi and gratitude to Swami for His eternal grace and protection even now!.The gesture and mannerisms of Swami made a pleasant and lasting stamp in the hearts of His devotees. 

              Later when Annan restricted himself in a room in rice mill premises, Aandalpuram Swamigal used to come to Pudur to meet Annan. For this purpose a small hut was made for Swamigal in the same rice mill premises, little away from the room where Annan stayed.

            When Annan was 21 year old,He was revealed by Mahakali that She lives below the fig tree adjacent to His room and directed Him to build a temple there. MAHAKALI here is calledAthimarathu Aacchi.  Aandalpuram Swamigal too confirmed that the Fig tree is the expression of  Divine Mother in the form of Maha Kali.The soil of the Fig tree is the Divine Prasadam given by Annan to the visitors and devotees which truly solved numerous problems!.Everyday worship was done for Athimarathu Aachi by Annan on initial days and by His devotees on later stage as deputed by Annan.

Annan teaches simple way of worship

           Annan was very much interested in old tamil cinema songs and gave a simple way of meditating on the Divine Mother.Annan says,‘Interpret the meaning of the songs in sublime way and assume the lover and loved character of the songs on you and Divine Mother.You will easily be in touch with Her!’. His friends and collegue came to know crystal clear that Annan is an Avatara and not a normal human being! When His younger brothers completed P.G degrees from Annamalai University and came back to Pudur,Annan left the responsibility of looking after His father’s assets and completely devoted His time in Divine Mother’s DARSHAN.

                 When Palani master ( A  principal disciple of Annan ) asked about writing some books on His experiences and preachings,Annan cooly said that already many books are there in this world for such divinely guidance and He should not confuse further! .But on His initial days of renunciation,Annan used to teach sublime points from  the life and teachings of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsar and Swami Vivekanandha.

Annan ascends to the Supramental state

    Later stage,from the age of 24 onwards ,Annan was restricting Himself in the 10×8 room located within the rice mill premises and devoted His time in the sublime union with the Mahakali. Annan used to do severe penance by shutting His room for days,sometimes for  months.The visitors who came to have darshan of Annan would prostrate in front of Annan’s room and leave that place. On normal days,Annan  used to light agarbatti,worship Athimarathu Aachi ,come back to room,stand infront of Mother Durga and silently stare at Her.During this time Annan used to be utterly silent and poised and occasionally moved His hand here and there in front of MAHAKALI! .AS GURU DAKSHINAMOORTHI TRANSFERRED  THE SUPREME WISDOM TO FOUR SMALL BOYS, SO DIVINE MOTHER DURGA, TRANSFERRED ALL THE LOVE,WISDOM AND POWER TO ANNAN.SILENCE IS THE MOST NEEDED STATE FOR SUCH SUBTLE FEATS!. Annan developed a high degree of astral and causal communication with siddhas of very high order.

            Swami Vedhachalam who surrendered at the feet of Annan and stayed with Him for many years from 1967 onwards  said, “Annan used to speak to 18 Dieties(Gods at various planes as appointed by Supreme Being) simultaneously. At the same time He would speak to us also!. Once Annan gave me a Beedi He smoked and asked me to take a puff from that Beedi.Sooner I did that, I got various experiences and visions and I suddenly possessed clairvoyance and Clairaudience,  which I confirmed the next day by my intellectual ratiocinations that none of them were delusion,illusion or hallucination!. I was blessed with such rare miracles only to imbibe faith on such occult sciences!."He asserted that Annan is an Adhikara Purusha whose command can never be disobeyed by any of the forces of this Cosmos both sentient and insentient!

           Devotees who served Annan in His proximity say,“ In the month of karthigai ,Annan used to decorate His room.He would spread blanket in the room and sprinkle flowers over the blanket.Annan used to discuss with someone in the room for hours but that Being would not be visible to us! Incidently  if we enter the room,Annan would say to that invisible Being(for us!) ,‘He is my disciple’.On many occasions,when Aandalpuram Swamigal visited Annan, both these Siddhas never verbally communicated. We were very eager to watch the likely conversation between them.But only silence would prevail between Them and after Swami leaves that place Annan would tell us,‘I have told the matter to Swami.He will look after!’Annan used to prostrate Swami everytime He meets.Swami too used to prostrate the Annan’s room entrance which were  rare and thoughtful moments for us!”

   “When Annan was sitting with His  intimate devotees,suddenly He used to say, ‘Divine Mother is descending!’ That time His body colour used to change. According to the various manifestations of Divine Mother that descend on Annan,His body colour and characteristics used to change! If we got frightened by that scene,then Annan would at once say ‘ok! ok!  and He used to come back to His normal state!.”

Annan prepares His disciples for Supramental life

        Annan initiated His disciples giving various Upasanas (short mantras for repetition with bakthi) after carefully judging the individual temperaments.He gave Ganapathi Upasana to most of His disciples.But gave Kali and Varahi upasana too for the suitables.Since Kali Upasana need to be done with due clarity and tenacity,it was not given for house holders.Instead, Ganapathi and Mahalakshmi Upasanas are given to them for general and material prosperity.Annan advised the disciples to continuously recite and repeat mentally, the given Upasanas whenever one gets time. Annan said ,‘kumbuttukitte irukanum’(keep praying the Divine Mother).

   “Annan always kept moderation in guiding His disciples.During Navratri  period everyone would observe fasting.But Annan would easily identify the devotee who was unable to bear the demand of stomach in the afternoon.He would lovingly say,‘One bajji and tea can be taken!’.Though Annan had vegetarian food,He would never openly compel His Disciples to follow this!.But in due course,the compassion of Annan towards all Beings in this universe would influence the meat eating disciple too and slowly that disciple would  also show aversion for the meat!”

        A cobra  living in the mill premises for a long time  was frequently an uninvited Guest to the Annan’s room. But Annan would lovingly say the devotees not to disturb. This visitor too will move away after darshan of Annan.

           Annan would never  tolerate in letting devotees and children starve.One of the disciples says,‘ In special occasions Annan would scold us if it is delayed to serve food (prasadams) after completion of pooja. So we would never wait for any special guests/visitors  to arrive for starting the pooja’.If Annan finds children sleeping amidst exhaustive pooja,then He will say,‘What is the use of such poojas when the children are not served timely food?’

          This itself is a testimony for the eternal love and enlightment with which Annan lived  in this world!.Thus disciples naturally learnt the essentials of spiritual life from day to day activities of Annan .His love and power pours out always from His astral and causal plan even now for the devotees who surrender at His lotus feet!”


What Annan gave to World?

    SRI ANNAN never spoke lip- philosophy and never led a life of customary saint.But He poured out immense love and compassion to those who met Him with problems. He never correlated their problems with all sort of karmic theory.But at once greeted them with a warm, sweet, heartmelting‘vaanga’(please come!) and fed them food to quench their physical starvation!. Being an incarnation of Divine Mother,He never tolerated the hunger of anyone visiting Him.He offered food and then used to ask their problems and solve them at once. ANNAN WANTED THE DEVOTEES WHO MET HIM SHOULD GET THEIR BOTH STOMACH AND HEART FILLED.Truly,the devotees felt being at mother’s lap. Annan used to listen the visitor’s problem and would say, ‘ Ivarai , Athimarathu Acchikkitta  Azhachikkittu  po!’(take him to Divine  Mother of fig tree).Annan’s devotee  used to take the visitor to Athimaratthu  Acchi with agarbatti and then worship Her and come back to Annan’s room. Annan will patiently listen to the problems from the devotee and say ,‘Sari.. Ambalkitta sollunga ,Aval pathuppa !’(  tell to Divine Mother,She will look after it!). After few days that visitor comes  back cheerfully with a rose garland to thank Annan for solving his long bothering problem.

Annan's intimate Followers

    We (web proprietor-devotee of ANNAN) are coming across many devotees who had various experiences with and by Annan and invariably each one of them is actually weeping in front of us while narrating the grace and love of Annan that has changed their life! It is extremely surprising how come these many people have such a deep love and gratitude for ANNAN! This speaks volume about ANNAN’S cosmic love and caring for His devotees! Many people came to Annan for various purposes. Annan fulfilled the demands of all the visiting souls. Many wanted to stay with Annan and Annan lovingly entertained the aspiring souls to stay with Him and after sometime, He adopted a unique way of sending them!. The reason behind.. though known only to Annan is normally to accommodate unripe souls to their place and sending- off ripened souls from Him after they attain the stature Annan wanted. At times, Annan sent off pig-headed and indisciplined souls from that place, only to wait for the necessary attitude to get developed into those amateur minds! Mother knows better about Her child!.

              We humbly submit here the names of many  disciples and devotees who had close association with Annan in His lifetime. All these devotees except few (who shed their mortal coils) still live with us with the sense of surrender and gratitude to Annan and have live touch with Him in the subtle planes.This list is not made by any yardstick.The names might have been compiled at random due to shortage of time. The reader should not assign any seniority of any manner.

            Natarajan Driver,Pudur/ Bakthavachalam, Pudur/ Ganesan, Pudur/ Pakkirisamy, Pudur/ Anbunathan/ V Balu/ Kandan/ Lakshimikandan/ Doctor Ibrahim/ Dhamodharan, Salem/ P S Kalidoss,Pudur/ Manivannan B/O Durgaram/ Jagannathan Teacher/ Seetharaman Kurukkal,Uthirangudi/ Varadharajan ,Ervakkadu/ Govindarajan Driver,Pudur/ Swami Vedhachalam, Vailankanni/ Sri Gunasekharan/ Varadharajan, Vazhakkarai/ C V Anandhanarayanan ,Chennai/ Mani,Tiruvarur/ Ambi Rajagopalan, Tiruvarur/  Devadoss,Chennai/ Duraisamy, AIR,Kumbakonam/ Palani Master ,Tiruvarur / Murugaiyan, Tiruvarur / Jayabal ,Marangudi/ Madhavan, Pudur/ Murthi,  Pudur/ Bhaskar, Thiruthangur/ Nedunchezhiyan, Chidambaram / Pazhani, Chidambaram/ Baskaran, Chidambaram / Vishali,Chidambaram/ Sivaprakasam, Vilamal, Tiruvarur / Swaminathan, Komal/ Arunachalam Erode/ Nellivanam, Pudur/ Madhrubootham,Chennai/ Shanmugasundaram, Thiruvenkadu/ Pandian,Vallam/ Solai, Tiruvarur/ Krishnamoorthi, Tiruvarur/ Ambal, Tiruvarur/ Jayanthi, Tambaram/ Kanakku Balakrishnan, Vadapathimangalam / Santhanakrishnan ,Selaiyur, Chennai/ Sekhar,Selaiyur,Chennai/Mangalam,Selaiyur ,Chennai /Raghavan ,Selaiyur,Chennai/Siva&family, Selaiyur, Chennai/ Ashok, selaiyur, Chennai/ PK.Rajendran, Virudhachalam /Manivannan ,Ammayappan ,Tiruvarur/ Dr Nandhakumar, Coimbatore/ Ponraj Coimbatore/ Madhiyazhagan, London/ Duraisingam, Thirunallar/ Sundaramurthy, Pudur/ Anandhapadmanaban, Uthirangudi/ Mohan, Coimbatore/ Nagendran,Coimbatore/ Seetharaman, Zambia/Sri Oliver , Nagapattinam/ Sivakumar, Tiruvarur/ Karthikeyan, Tiruvarur / Sathiesh kumar, Tiruvarur/ Siddharthan, Chennai /Pichumani, Karur/Chandru ,Tiruvarur/Kesavan,Tiruvarur /Sankar,Tiruvarur/ Ramu, Tiruvarur/Devakumar,Tiruvarur/.

              Many and many other’s name are left here and we pray them to come  forward and express their association with Annan to inspire this modern generation!

             We narrate here about few of  Annan’s staunch disciples whom we met(except Palani Master) and plunged into a sort of satsanga  and we will publish the experiences of many other disciples in due course in‘ DAYS WITH ANNAN’ caption of this web site.

KOMAL SRI SWAMINATHAN:                                      

             Annan rarely prescribed any normal spiritual practices to Sri Swaminathan as He did for other devotees.Sri Swaminathan served Annan by staying with Him since 1975.He resides inARUNALAYAM, Komal (The land where ARUNALAYAM Exists was consecrated to the siddhas by Sri Swaminathan) where Jeeva Samadhi Peetam of Aandalpuram Swamigal and An Annan’s Peetam were established by Their devotees.

            The Guru Pooja of these Siddhas and many other important spiritual events connected with these Siddhas are celebrated here every year with the blessings of Annan and Aandalpuram swamigal.

                  We(admin) had the opportunity of meeting Him and discussing His experience during the days of Annan and He blessed us with an interview which is highly enlightening about the spiritual and yogic stature of Annan.

                     "Annan showed me Babaji one day when the latter came to meet the former!.I was not aware that time about Babaji. One night Annan told me that one saint from Himalayas has come here and He is Babaji. I saw that great spiritual giant going  in white dress. I was blessed by Annan to see this saint by my naked eyes.Only later I came to know more about this saint by reading the books of Paramahansa Yogananda.!” said Sri komal Swaminathan. We were awestruck by hearing this rare event of Babaji meeting Annan and  we comprehended the  height of wisdom with which Annan lived in this earth. Siddhas travel in cosmos and go instantaneously  wherever they want , share their experience and give guidance by the yogic power they possess.

      ‘In which form Annan exists now?’ We inquired eagerly.Then Sri Swaminathan said,“ One day I too asked this question mentally to Annan,then Annan took me along with Him trodding a hill and we reached the top of that hill. I only saw a brilliant,vibrant light engulfing all the eight directions of hill top and Annan is lost in that light. I could not see Annan in physical form with which he took me to hill top! but whenever I desired, I could feel  with certainity that Annan always comes with his physical form.”

      We confirmed from Sri Swaminathan that this  complete event happened to Him in His waking state and is not of His imaginative and poetical expression or dream experience .

      ‘How you are free from the instinctive urge of procreation of nature (sexual urge)?’ We inquired politely. Sri Swaminathan said that during His initial  days with Annan He somewhat had that urge in thought form for brief period but with the blessings of Aandalpuram Swamigal and Annan He could get out of that feeling completely.“In dream Aandalpuram Swamigal gave me some herbs to eat,then onwards this procreative urge never arised within me”,replied Sri Swaminathan. Now His being is totally possessed by the thought of Swami and Annan and we are convinced that He crossed the limitations of this vital being!

                 An introvert of  severe austerities, a plain hearted, a compassionate yogi who spontaneously attends the problems of devotees but in unexpressive and subtle way, who speaks less does more for the devotees, a cheerful human being with an ever living poised smile is the brief sketch of Komal Sri Swaminathan.

SRI SIVAPRAKASAM (VILAML AYYA):                          

            Vilamal Ayya  aged 77 now says,“I had wonderful childhood days with Annan Since we were of same age group. After I realized that Annan is An Incarnation of Mahakali, my soul and heart then slowly shed the sense of an ephemeral childhood friendship and I deeply felt I am a child at Annan’s lap. I had a great privilege, to lovingly demand Annan, to solve the problems of devotees by bringing them in front of Annan, because I had no doubt about Annan’s cosmic love and power. Now also I feel and live as His child, servant,and executer of His will for the well-being of His true devotees.Annan pervedes every cell of my whole being,Annan guides me in each second of my life.My only ambition is to reunite with Annan and participate in His Divine work"

                “After the Jeeva Samadhi of Annan a decision was taken among the intimate devotees of Annan to construct a Divine abode for Annan at Komal.This is the second chronological abode for Annan apart from the one which already existed on His Jeeva Samadhi at Pudur. A principal devotee of Annan, Sri Swaminathan came forward with zeal to consecrate  few acres of his own land for Annan.Myself with my family immediately came forward to play our part in fulfilling the task of raising that Divine abode for sake of Annan.Those were the pleasant days in my life. Myself and family decided to clean that place without wearing chappels along with Annan devotees. Each one of the devotees contributed their best to raise the abode!..At each stage I had numerous technical difficulties in cleaning, leveling the place to make it fit for the Aboard of Mahakali. Annan guided me every second to accomplish every needed task for successfully raising the divine abode which is now called‘Arunalayam’.I wanted Annan to breathe the fragrance of rose and jasmine, so I established a wonderful garden  full of various types of roses and jasmines. A horticulturist of Coimbatore from whom I brought some species of rose plants wondered how these plants blossomed beautiful roses at Komal’s soil which is  normally not suitable to plant that variety of rose. I humbly said to that man this is not Komal’s soil, this is Annan’s soil. When Annan’s grace is vibrant, the seemingly inanimate soil too will respond to the love of Annan, I happily cogitated. Throughout the days of growing and maintaining the garden, I used to speak to the plants, ‘you are giving flower for a Mahakali; your birth is a blessed one ;so come out with your fullest potential!’ Surprisingly every plant of that garden responded to my conversation that resulted in a beautiful garden for Annan. Annan is great!”


             Luther Burbank used to speak every day to rose and many other plants those possess thornes for self-defense and he asserted lovingly ,‘I will protect you from predators. Why you have to produce thorns!’. Slowly these plants started shedding thorns in their off-springs ,thus completely coming out from the soil as thornless plants only because of love and affection shown by Luther Burbank on their life. (ref: Autobiography of a Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda).

                     Now Vilamal Ayya  has completely surrendered His life at the lotus feet of Annan and does the service of Annan to the aspiring devotees who come to the Annan shrine at Vilamal, Tiruvarur(Vilamal Ayya at His later age constructed a shrine for Annan at Vilamal, Tiruvarur with the humble support of numerous devotees).

SRI VEDHACHALAM (Velankanni Swamigal):

             A humourous youth of 25 year old and a lecturer of English at a polytechnic college was in search of truth. One day in 1967, he was taken to Annan by Sri Sivagurunathan of Pudur.This youth has completely submitted himself at the feet of Annan and put only one demand to Annan,‘I want to have darshan of Mahakali and talk to Her as You do’.

             By seeing the child like heart of this Vedhachalam, Annan took him in His loving custody and gave various divinely experiences. Annan by knowing subtly the veil of ignorance covering this Mahatma, adopted different ways to guide him in the spiritual path.Vedachalam Swamigal stayed with Annan for many years.In fact he took the responsibility of personnel relations with Annan.

               Sri Vedhachalam stayed with Aandalpuram Swamigal too for around two mandalam(96 Days) and got the intimate guidance and unique diksha from Swami for conquering the  ignorance of his intellect.Vedachalam Swamigal wanted to stay with Annan as long as He holds His mortal coil.But for subtle reasons this ambition was not fulfilled to Vedachalam Swamigal and he was sent from Pudur by Annan  for progressive guidance from higher forces suiting his temperaments.

      Sri Vedhachalam Swamigal now (Vedachala Swamigal attained Samadhi on -26-10-2014 while this web site was still under construction. But we are blessed by Him for our effort and He personally read these contents as possible and graced us for success) proudly proclaims that Annan is not an Avatara Purusha.But He is an Adhikara Purusha.Adhikara Purushas have got all power and right to do anything in this Universe.Nothing in this Cosmos can stop them from executing their Divine Will.

            Simple,plain hearted,mind with full of youthfulness,happy- go- lucky Mahatma of 72 year old whose Being was filled with vibrant grace of Annan and Andalpuram Swamigal is the brief sketch of Sri Vedhachala Swamigal who is also called as Velankanni Swamigal by His devotees.

SRI PALANI MASTER:                                             

                               A youth overflowing with vigor came to Annan from Tiruvarur in 1974 and Annan identified the yogic potential lying latent within this youth. He is the PALANI MASTER as called lovingly by his contemporaries.

                               Palani Master, one of the few earliest disciples of Annan, stayed with Annan for few years and served Him with tenacious bakthi and stubborn surrender.Annan did not want to confine the yogic personality of Palani Master within Pudur. So, Palani Master with the subtle grace of Annan left Pudur and has gone to Thiruvannamalai.

                                Devotees visiting Thiruvannamalai surprisingly said,“Palani master is a yogi now! He lives a life of yoga maarga”.He was non-attached to His old friends when He saw them in front, is a surprise to his old friends! but normal to a true yogi!. What Annan perceived in Palani Master years back is seen by His devotees as a reality in Thiruvannamalai.

SRI BAKTHAVATCHALAM:                           

       Being a student of psychology, Sri Bakthavatchalam never easily accepted the siddhis and yogic power of his elder brother (Sri Backthavatchalam is younger brother of Annan Swamigal).He is a man with versatile talents. He possesses the brain of a philosopher and the heart of an artist.He wrote many poems and articles on various subjects both in Tamil and English, which were broadcasted by Ceylon radio that time.

                He says, “I was hesitant in sanctioning the siddhis of my elder brother as reported by his devotees. But many times, when I witnessed personally certain miracles performed by Annan, I could not reject them as delusion or hallucination but I regarded them as miracles of highest order by my intellectual temperament. I now fully accept the efficacy of Annan swamigal’s wisdom and love. I am now surprisingly handled by Annan to disseminate HIS own glories.”

           A man with unruffled intellect, who maintains utter simplicity and dignity in His  approaches, who maintains honesty in His expressions is the brief sketch of Sri Bakthavachalam.He looks after the Jeeva Samadhi shrine of Annan at Pudur and conducts various functions on important days of Annan with the mysterious help and blessings of Annan.

SRI NANDAKUMAR:                           

                A karma yogi who lives a life of complete surrender to Annan, whose Being emanates love and humility to fellow beings, whose very presence will give peace and bliss to everyone is a brief sketch of Sri Nandakumar.

                 A Dentist by profession, He attained a superior level of both physical and spiritual prosperity by the grace of Annan and Andalpuram Swamigal.He was associated with Annan since 1979.

               While sharing us (web proprietor-devotees of Annan) His experience with Annan, He has exhibited absolute poise and sweetness throughout His expressions. Every member of His Being is well settled with serenity and wisdom without any sort of physical, mental and intellectual agitations! We are very fortunate to see Him living with the attributes of Annan indeed!

SRI PONRAJ:                         

            ‘Annan is my father’ says this charmful Mahatma.When he came to Pudur from Coimbatore in 80’s ,he had already lost his parents. After meeting Annan-The Divine Mother,he lovingly said to Him, ‘you are my father now onwards’.Annan smiled with a consent! He might have thought of taking extra care for this boy then to groom him with all noble qualities!

              It is a fact now that Sri Ponraj exhibits a plain hearted and grateful living under the guidance of Sri Nandakumar with the grace of Annan! Anyone speaking to Sri Ponraj will love His way of expressions.

            Humble and humorous; Contended with what Annan gives and True to the core of His Being is the brief sketch of Sri Ponraj.

Miracles of Annan

    Annan performed many miracles in His lifetime. (Refer  ... DAYS WITH  ANNAN). Doing feeble magic and producing many illusory objects in front of the devotee should not mean a miracle! Miracle in the true sense should bring a constructive change in the mind and life of a devotee! Annan performed such miracles for the devotees.

    Many got employment, many got their house constructed, many got their children marriage done, many got promotion and many got fame, wealth, peace of mind, upliftment in their life, happiness. Many got their philosophical and intellectual thirst quenched at the feet of Annan.Such lasting miracles were performed by Sri Annan.  He saved many devotees from the clutches of death, thus completely freeing them from their karmic impulses and reactions.Many of them lived and lives  a life of righteousness after being saved, with a deep  gratitude to Sri Annan.

Annan prepares for leaving his Stula dhegam 

(Physical body)

        For many months before His Samadhi, Annan hinted about His will to leave this physical body. Annan openly said to His disciples that He will leave this world.But His disciples took it easy because many a times Annan used to enter into severe penance (tapas)  by shutting His room for many days,sometimes for few months.That time,Annan ascends to a typical Samadhi state during which Annan’s Body used to be without any pulse and heart beat.Scared by this scene,His intimate devotees lost hope many times that Annan would come out alive from that state!. Sri Vedhachala Swamigal,Sri Swaminathan,Vilamal Ayya and many other intimate devotees noticed this rare scene of Annan entering into a superconscious state and coming back to normalcy after few days!

                    So now also His devotees thought Annan as usual will enter into penance and experience a state similar to that of earlier one and He will come back to normalcy.

                  But the arrangement Annan sought for doing tapas this time was entirely different and puzzling! He asked for a big vessel to make a lasting fire with the help of fire woods.Disciples arranged the same. Annan was sitting on His chair beside that fire so that the heat of the  fire blaze would  hit His body. He did not take any food throughout and occasionally took  aerated soda.That too He refused after sometime.

                     Later ,Annan started standing continuously round the clock and let the fire to slowly dissolve His body.His devotees put a chair so that Annan would hold that chair and stand.His body lost all mass and force what it exhibited earlier from a Master of  traditional martial arts. Annan’s disciples could not tolerate this scene and ran to Andalpuram Swamigal. Swamigal knowing the secret of Annan’s tapas told them that Annan was ascending to a supramental state and He did not want to disturb that!

              The charm and zeal was lost in the rice mill premises.The disciples were grief struck by this scene of Annan performing unending tapas with fire.Their beloved master who cared for them more than anybody in the Universe is now lean,thin and silent.

              On 22 feb 1989 at around 0230 pm Annan spoke a little and asked for an ice candy  that was being sold in the village.Sri Sitaraman who was serving Annan that time  brought the same and gave to Annan.After sometime one of His intimate disciples Anandhapadmanabhan came there and noticed something unusual happened to his Master.

   When asked about the last Hours of Annan ,Sri.Seetharaman, a  staunch disciple of Annan who was present that time, narrates, “The dawn was as usual. HE was as usual standing in front of fire with few change from His natural self. I did namaskar. After sometime, Palvannan(Disciple of Annan) and Jayabal(Disciple of Annan) started to Tiruvarur to buy tractor I believe. Anandapadmanaban(Disciple of Annan) was around, then he went somewhere. Swaminathan sir(Disciple of Annan) came ,just looked at Annan for any service and went to the Swami’s hut(The one which was made for Andalpuram Swamigal’s stay during HIS visit). Time passed… the mill was running ...suddenly Annan asked me"Hey has 12.30 bus gone inside?"I replied yes. There was a silence till we heard the ice vender’s horn. HE ordered me to get some ice, I brought and surrendered and went to the other corner (normally i don’t stand when HE takes little stuff) but because of some sort of instinct I went back to Annan.

        HE was sitting on the chair; the eyes were focused upwards to the sky. I don’t know how I got courage i went near and I couldn’t see any movement of HIM.THE LIGHTNING WENT THROUGH MY SPINE….I Screamed AYYA…….. People came rushed. Dr.Ibrahim came and diagnosed.There was no heartbeat. I placed my hand in MOTHER’S heart and I could feel the heartbeat.

        I pleaded to the doctor to check again. He checked and said the same. To me it seemed everything was over, nothing to tell, to do,but realised Annan’s  JEEVA SAMADHI. Mind became empty, no feelings and it remained the same till i went to same place where MAHA ATHISTANAM (Jeeva Samadhi Peetam) is there now and moved to the madhahu(Culvert) of the vaikkal(Channel) and laid there for three hours..”

               The luminous Mount of love and wisdom, an Ardent expression of Divine Mother, an Integral Yogi, The savior of poors and downtrodden, A true Siddha ,Spiritual Master,A simple yet Elegant Human Being whose company even Gods and Saints sought, had left this earth. Sri Annan attained Jeeva Samadhi.

                  The disciples and devotees cried at His feet.Many of the devotees became unconscious by hearing this news of their Master’s transformation.Slowly coming back to the reality of this empirical world,the devotees carried out all pooja for the Jeevan Muktha and decided to raise a shrine on His Jeeva Samadhi. The ground opposite to rice mill was chosen for raising a Jeeva Samadhi shrine for Annan.The next day (23 feb 1989), all rituals for a Jeevan Muktha was carried out and the stula dhegam was put into rest and a Samadhi Peetam was raised onto it.

                   Now Annan lives in every cell of His devotees not in the form of gratitude and memory but in the form of vibrant living grace being felt directly from His astral and causal plans.Numerous miracles reported by Annan’s devotees bear testimony for this assertion! Their Mother still lives with them giving all love and care eternally!

Does Annan perform miracles now?

    Now also for a sincere devotee, Annan takes care of his life and performs many miracles. Many people go to Annan’s Jeeva Samadhi Shrine at Pudur and sleep there for their problems. Annan saves them!.Many miracles are experienced by the devotees and visitors visiting this shrine.

   Many devotees visit Komal Shrine  of Annan, Arunalayam and get various life transforming experiences!

  Devotees visiting Annan shrine in Vilamal, VILAMAL SARANALAYAM ,Tiruvarur pray Annan for  their demands and problems. Vilamal Ayya gives Annan photo,Annan sarana kovai  and  advises devotees  to do pooja of Annan at their home! The loving devotees of Annan here still follow many of His traditions. Every Friday, Vilamal Ayya after completion of regular pooja of Annan in Vilamal shrine Tiruvarur, serves food first for the devotees, then only Vilamal Ayya offers vibhuti (holy ash) and flower prasadam to devotees after keeping them in the lotus feet of Annan.

           I think it is high time to stop my narrations about The great Master “Annan ".Because writing about  Mahatmas and Siddha Purushas will be unending as They are all eternal. They all live eternally, move to any place, perform any miracle, and enlighten the needy as willed by the Supreme Being. Our Annan being the Mahatma of Mahatmas still live with us and is always ready to descend His grace for an asking devotee!